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Not to worry! E-Volve Computer offers serval other great financing options!

We always recommend applying with a different company if the initial one you chose denied you! Every financing company is different, and uses a different algorithm to approve people.

Very often if you get declined by one company, another will approve you!

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Snap Finance

  • No credit needed!
  • Approval in seconds up to $2000
  • Spread the cost up to 24 months!
  • Repay weekly, biweekly, or monthly

Paypal Credit

  • Rates as low as 0%
  • No hidden fees!
  • Terms up to 2 years
  • Pay in 4 option available!


  • Multiple great financing programs, all in one pre approval! 
  • Instant approval decision – does not affect your credit to apply!
  • Highly customer rated

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