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Compete for Glory at ConnectiCon 2024


Level up at ConnectiCon 2024 by competing  in a PC Gaming Tournament hosted by Evolve Computer! Battle for epic prizes on top-tier rigs, connect with fellow gamers, and prove your skills in a heart-pounding showdown. 

Register now and dominate the virtual battlefield!

What Evolve Is Bringing to ConnectiCon 2024

Free Play

8 High Performance Gaming Desktops available to play your favorite games!


Show off your skills and compete for cash prizes!

Expert PC Support

Have a computer or gaming question? Evolve Staff has the answer!

Free Play Titles

Free play is available on 8 high performance PC Desktops built by Evolve Computer for the duration of ConnectiCon 2024! Experience the upgrade into the PC Master-Race on your favorite games!

About Us

Evolve Computer Gaming crafts hand-built, fully customizable gaming PCs designed to unleash your full potential. Our team of passionate gamers understands what it takes to build a battle-ready machine, meticulously assembling each system with top-tier components and expert craftsmanship. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, Evolve Computer Gaming empowers you to dominate the virtual world with a personalized gaming PC that’s truly your own.

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